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Marcus Aurelius

Foster effective communication and collaboration in your teams

Under time and performance pressure, communication suffers, misunderstandings creep in. Suddenly there is sand in the team gearbox and no one knows exactly why. This does not have to be.

What is it about?

People are different. They have different preferences for how they behave and how they communicate. In an ideal world, everyone knows their own preferences and can assess those of the other person quite well. The cooperation and communication among each other is trouble-free.

As you know, it’s not that simple: few people know their own preferences and are even less good at judging others. If your counterpart behaves differently than you would like and you are unable to categorize this, you will most likely not feel comfortable in the relationship – not a good basis for trusting cooperation, which is necessary for effective teamwork.  

If, on the other hand, you know your own behavioral preferences and those of your counterpart, you can respond specifically to their needs without neglecting your own. Both have something from it. In this way, you reduce prejudices, prevent misunderstandings and lay the foundation for undisturbed interpersonal communication and thus effective teamwork. 

How does it work?

With my workshop on effective communication and collaboration, you and your team will learn how to communicate and collaborate better and more effectively. The workshop is based on INSIGHTS MDI® and SOCIAL STYLE®, two simple models to learn more about preferred behavior patterns – your own and those of your counterpart.

Each participant completes an online questionnaire prior to the course. From this, a report of around 40 pages is produced on behavioral preferences and motivators. In the first workshop part, I guide the participants on how to read and understand this report. This provides participants with a comprehensive self-image of their behavior and valuable information for understanding their own behavior and the effect it has on others.

In the other parts of the workshop, I highlight the different types of behavior in detail and create the basic understanding for other types of behavior. In group work, the different types peel out their own communication, behavior and leadership preferences and present them to the others. These discussions always lead to aha experiences and promote understanding for the other types of behavior.

Finally, I provide participants with tools to assess others and target their needs to facilitate interpersonal communication.

What do you get out of it?

Effective, interpersonal team relationships are not just a matter of good communication; they are a fundamental component of your company’s success. And what works well at the team level benefits the company’s success. If you can avoid the loss of a valuable employee with my workshop, then your investment has already paid off several times over!

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of one’s own behavior promotes personal and professional development and leads to greater job satisfaction. The lessons and insights from the workshop reduce prejudices and misunderstandings, promote communication among each other and ultimately increase the stability and performance of your team.

A team that understands each other and can classify individual behaviors is more efficient, especially in stressful situations.

Want to know more?

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Retirement and nursing home: team workshop

Significantly changed squad to collaborate and grow together more intensively after Covid

Conduct a workshop on effective communication and collaboration based on behavioral typologies as part of the organizational and team development process.

Increased mutual understanding and awareness based on fundamental insights into behavioral patterns and the complexities of interpersonal communication.

Public corporation: Team workshop

New composition of the management team associated with initial communication difficulties and misunderstandings

Conducting a workshop with management staff on behavioral typologies (SOCIAL STYLE®, INSIGHTS MDI®), effective communication and collaboration as part of the team development process in the organization.

Reduction of prejudices and increased mutual understanding in the management team due to deeper insights into one's own behavior and that of the team members


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