If you do not know which port you are heading for, no wind is favorable.


Align your communication with business goals

Communication can produce more than beautiful brochures, websites and internal messages. Viewed and used holistically, it pays dividends to your business success, keeps your back up, protects your reputation, and more.

What is it about?

Communication is not an exact science, is difficult to measure, and for many is something abstract and intangible. Accordingly, it is treated stepmotherly. Forget that nothing works without communication: Your employees don’t know where the business is going; the market doesn’t know what you offer. In good quality and correctly dosed, communication as the fuel of your company gives impetus and contributes significantly to success.

But where to start? On the biggest obstacle that most are not aware of: the company’s self-image and the market’s perception do not match. In other words, you see yourself differently than the market perceives you. At best, this means idle business potential because potential customers don’t understand what exactly you do; at worst, it poses risks to your reputation if your customers expect something from you that you can’t deliver at all.

Once you have defined your self-image and captured the market’s perception of you, you can work strategically and purposefully to close those perception gaps.

How does it work?

First, I help you sharpen your self-image and put it in writing – this creates clarity for everyone in the company. The second step is to collect the perception of your company from the most important exponents of your target groups by means of individual interviews and online questionnaires. Third, we contrast the self-image with the external image and derive the perception gaps.

Now the fourth strategic question is: How can these gaps be closed? I will show you possible ways, which together we will condense into a communication strategy including a catalog of measures that will pay off for your business success.

Fifth, the measures are implemented consistently – you can do this independently; if you need assistance, I will be happy to help.

What do you get out of it?

Your communication does what it is supposed to do: contribute specifically to the business and the success of your company. You are guaranteed to use your scarce resources efficiently and purposefully.

And most importantly, you have clarity about what you stand for and what the market and your customers expect from you. This is how you exploit your business potential and eliminate reputational risks.

Do you communicate simply, clearly and understandably?
If not, you're missing out on potential business at best, or raising expectations you can't meet at worst.

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Districts & Municipalities: Communication of large construction projects

Municipalities found it difficult to explain large, complex and therefore expensive construction projects and their benefits to the target groups and to get them approved in referendums.

Strategically planned, transparent and detailed project communication with measures tailored to the addressees that enabled voters to form an informed opinion

Acceptance of the construction projects with more than seventy percent yes votes in each case

Association: Strategy process to align with changed environment

Social and economic changes are calling into question the industry's existing business model and thus the association's raison d'être in the long term

Strategy workshop with association board on the basis of basic scenarios on how the industry and the association can adapt to the market changes and how they can be adapted to them. can actively shape them

Clear decision-making basis for the association's "what next?" in view of the rapidly changing environment

Private Equity Boutique: Development of positioning and implementation

Lack of definition of the company's own image and value proposition vis-à-vis the target groups and thus blurred positioning combined with a non-focused appearance on the market

Pragmatic development of self-image, value proposition, communication goals, core messages, communication strategy and measures in several workshops

Clear positioning as a basis for focusing the main communication tools website and newsletter on the needs of the target groups


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