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Many customers do not want to be named publicly. That’s why I’m omitting client names altogether and mentioning a few select examples of what I do or have done for them. For further information and questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Federal Office: Effective Communication Project

Services and publications of the Federal Office as a high-quality contribution to the internal administrative and public discourse were too little perceived

Preparation of as-is analysis as well as workshop-based development of target definition, thrusts and measures with the client's project team

Concrete measures derived for more impact of communication (e.g. social media concept, simplify publications)

Federal Department: Potential Analysis Media Relations

The topics and contents of the department were received too little and partly distorted by the media

Detailed analysis of the media landscape and how it functions, as well as identifying the key levers for effective media work

Basis created for deriving a strategy for targeted, impact-oriented media work

Foundation: Potential analysis communication & implementation concept

Evolved, largely uncoordinated communication to internal and external audiences with high financial requirements

Detailed analysis of the initial situation and determination of the need for action

Concrete measures derived for effective, more cost-efficient communication



Retirement and nursing home: team workshop

Significantly changed squad to collaborate and grow together more intensively after Covid

Conduct a workshop on effective communication and collaboration based on behavioral typologies as part of the organizational and team development process.

Increased mutual understanding and awareness based on fundamental insights into behavioral patterns and the complexities of interpersonal communication.

Public corporation: Team workshop

New composition of the management team associated with initial communication difficulties and misunderstandings

Conducting a workshop with management staff on behavioral typologies (SOCIAL STYLE®, INSIGHTS MDI®), effective communication and collaboration as part of the team development process in the organization.

Reduction of prejudices and increased mutual understanding in the management team due to deeper insights into one's own behavior and that of the team members



Association: Communicative support for realignment

Alienation of the association and its members due to dormant communication and the resulting gradual loss of significance.

Revitalization, modernization and sharpening of association communications as part of the realignment process

Created new awareness of the activities and importance of the association

Public corporations: vision and strategy for merger project

Pressure to merge two entities due to declining membership and tighter finances

Development of a worthwhile target image for the merged organization as well as an implementation strategy and corresponding measures together with the project team

Clarity about the goal, purpose and process of the desired change and thus the basis for the later, successful merger

Insurance: Initialization of change process

Need to realign organization and processes due to a rapidly changing business environment

Outline the change process with the management and conduct an awareness workshop for the cadre

Change process initialized and basis for the work of the change team created



SME Industry: Correction of failed customer communication

Unclear, misleading communication on price increases due to Covid-19 angered customers who were themselves under financial pressure

Immediately used negative occasion to contact customers with written and telephone clarification, combined with an offer of support in the Covid crisis that went beyond the company's own core business

Preserving the goodwill of customers and partially strengthening the relationship due to the chosen forward strategy

SME packaging industry: communication in acute company crisis

Massively unsettled workforce as to whether and how to continue with the company in the difficult turnaround situation

Regular, open communication about the status and next steps in the process to keep employees informed and engaged on board

Successful turnaround with only a minor loss of key employees

SME Health & Medical Technology: Crisis communication concept

Despite operating in a critical industry, the company had no concept of how to deal with crises

Development of a comprehensive crisis concept with a crisis team, management and decision-making processes as well as a guideline for action in the various phases of a crisis

Comprehensive preparation for the crisis case that occurred months after the concept was completed in a product area and was successfully managed



Districts & Municipalities: Communication of large construction projects

Municipalities found it difficult to explain large, complex and therefore expensive construction projects and their benefits to the target groups and to get them approved in referendums.

Strategically planned, transparent and detailed project communication with measures tailored to the addressees that enabled voters to form an informed opinion

Acceptance of the construction projects with more than seventy percent yes votes in each case

Association: Strategy process to align with changed environment

Social and economic changes are calling into question the industry's existing business model and thus the association's raison d'être in the long term

Strategy workshop with association board on the basis of basic scenarios on how the industry and the association can adapt to the market changes and how they can be adapted to them. can actively shape them

Clear decision-making basis for the association's "what next?" in view of the rapidly changing environment

Private Equity Boutique: Development of positioning and implementation

Lack of definition of the company's own image and value proposition vis-à-vis the target groups and thus blurred positioning combined with a non-focused appearance on the market

Pragmatic development of self-image, value proposition, communication goals, core messages, communication strategy and measures in several workshops

Clear positioning as a basis for focusing the main communication tools website and newsletter on the needs of the target groups