The greatest power has the right word at the right time.

Mark Twain

Exploit your untapped potential

Whatever you do: Communicating what’s important in a timely manner and with the right words is critical to your success. Are you exploiting your potential in communication – or is it largely lying fallow?

What is it about?

Communication in your company has many facets: interpersonal communication within the team, ongoing information of employees, communicating changes, managing crises, positioning yourself optimally in the market, updating customers on the status of work, eliciting customer needs, winning customers, etc.

Have you ever asked yourself whether the market really understands what you do; whether your website, brochures, etc., and you yourself express what you offer in a short, clear and understandable way? and you yourself express what you offer briefly, clearly and comprehensibly; whether your employees have understood where you are heading with your strategy or realignment and what that means for them; whether you are prepared when you have a problem and the media are at the door with cameras and questions; whether interpersonal understanding and cooperation in the team are working smoothly; in short: whether you have removed all the obstacles and obstacles so that your company can be successful?

If you have not yet done this systematically, a potential analysis of your communication will remedy the situation. Simple, solution-oriented, to the point, the analysis provides you with the essentials to optimize your communication.

How does it work?

I analyze the initial situation, i.e. your communication basics and tools, such as your vision & mission, your communication strategy, your crisis organization, how you communicate with employees, etc. I look at what is publicly available, such as your website or your annual reports, and what is not public, such as your intranet and your communication guidelines. I identify gaps and make statements about your communication, derive insights and peel out the need for action. I’ll show you the levers you can use to achieve the most and suggest what next steps might look like for you.

What do you get out of it?

The analysis of your communication by an outside, unbiased observer – like your potential customers are, by the way – offers you an unbiased view of your situation.

You know where you stand in communication, where potential lies fallow and how you can exploit it to increase the success of your company

An unbiased outside perspective helps you identify blind spots,
brings in new aspects and leads to better solutions.

Want to know more?

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Federal Office: Effective Communication Project

Services and publications of the Federal Office as a high-quality contribution to the internal administrative and public discourse were too little perceived

Preparation of as-is analysis as well as workshop-based development of target definition, thrusts and measures with the client's project team

Concrete measures derived for more impact of communication (e.g. social media concept, simplify publications)

Federal Department: Potential Analysis Media Relations

The topics and contents of the department were received too little and partly distorted by the media

Detailed analysis of the media landscape and how it functions, as well as identifying the key levers for effective media work

Basis created for deriving a strategy for targeted, impact-oriented media work

Foundation: Potential analysis communication & implementation concept

Evolved, largely uncoordinated communication to internal and external audiences with high financial requirements

Detailed analysis of the initial situation and determination of the need for action

Concrete measures derived for effective, more cost-efficient communication


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Team -

Foster effective collaboration and communication in your teams

Change -

Get your employees on board and involved

Risks -

Defuse your reputation risks

Strategy -

Align your communication with business goals